Rebels News · How do you stack up?

He grew up the son of a Texas cattle businessman and dug ditches in the heat until finding a more comfortable job busing tables at Applebee’s. Maybe that’s the reason he plays the way he does.

A teammate said this about him: It would be hard to imagine him being able to be a better teammate or supporter for his guys. Nobody works harder than him. It’s been an honor and blessing to have him as a teammate.

His coach said this about him: We call him ‘Full Throttle’. He’s unique. He’s the lowest-maintenance player I’ve ever had. I just put him in the lineup. He’s a guy that I would pay to watch play because of his effort every day.

He said this: Literally my goals are to play each game as hard as I can to win. I want to give every single game everything I have to win. And the rest, the stats/numbers, will take care of themselves.

Who am I talking about? Hunter Pence, outfielder for the World Series Champions San Francisco Giants.

Is your attitude and effort at “Full Throttle” every day?