Rebels News · IHSAA Girls Tennis State Tournament Pairings Unveiled

IHSAA Girls Tennis State Tournament Pairings Unveiled

Castle High School

2014 IHSAA Girls Tennis Sectional

The rules and regulations governing this tournament are published in the 2017-18 IHSAA Fall Bulletin.

Only players listed as alternates on the official entry list may be used by the coach.  If substitutes are necessary due to illness or injury the procedure is outlined in the bulletin.

The sectional host school will provide tennis balls.  Two new balls will be used at the beginning of all matches.  Contestants may request 2 new balls if a match would go to the 3rd set.

Contestants shall be limited to a warm-up of ten minutes (including practice service before any match).  Warm-up time will begin ten minutes prior to the scheduled match start time.

Coaches are expected to instruct their players that the server shall call the score before service of each point.  Good Sportsmanship is expected of players and coaches at all times.

The fall bulletin from the IHSAA is available on line at

TOURNAMENT DATES: Match #1  4:15 pm May 16, 2018

Matches #2 and #3  4:00 pm* May 17, 2018

Finals  4:00 pm May 18, 2018

*Warmups for Match #3 will start when all 5 matches from Match #2 are completed.

** Rain-out day will be Sat., May 19.  I understand this is graduation for several schools so the time would be in the afternoon.  

Match #1 – Tell City vs. Castle

Match #2 – Heritage Hills vs. Boonville

Match #3 – South Spencer vs. Winner of Match #1

Match #4 – Winner of Match #2 vs. Winner of Match #3

2018 IHSAA Girls Tennis Sectional


Session #1

May 16, 2018

4:15 pm : Castle vs. Tell City


Session #2

May 17, 2018

4:00 pm: Heritage Hills vs. Boonville
Approx 5:30pm: South Spencer vs. Castle/Tell City


Session #3

May 18, 2018

4:00 pm: Championship


Boonville Castle Heritage Hills South Spencer Tell City
#1 Singles Shira Foor (12) Chrissy Fuller (12) Kate Kaetzel (12) Lydia Chord (11) Caitlin Teague (11)
#2 Singles Kelsi Klein (11) Madison Devillez (12) Kyla Dilger (11) Allie Rutherford (10) Beth Whitworth (11)
#3 Singles Emma Garrison (9) Sravani Ravipati (9) Carly Sabelhaus (11) Morgan Toler (11) Claire Zellers (12)
#1 Doubles Abbey Green (12)
Claire Meier (11)
Emily Lothamer (11)
Satya Sanapati (12)
Sydney Rube (12)
Kya Weatherholt (10)
Maddie Brown (11)
Kelsea Coomes (9)
Hannah Rhodes (10)
Ireland Gaynor (11)
#2 Doubles Brook Osha (11)
Elizabeth Bracher (12)
Radha Patel (12)
Adrienne Bryant (11)
Abigail Ruxer (9)
Mallory Tempel (10)
Bailey Manis (12)
Bayle Kirchgessner (11)
Baylee Bryant (11)
Leann Goffinet (10)
Head Coach Alex Howell Roger Sergesketter Brian Oxley Elvis Lane Nick Weyer