Rebels News · Rebel Madness

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, seating is limited for attendance.  In addition to the players and cheerleaders that are participating, only parents and grandparents will be allowed to attend Rebel Madness.

Below is a revised schedule:

6:00   6th grade boys scrimmage

6:10  6th grade girls scrimmage

6:20  7th grade boys scrimmage

6:30  8th grade boys scrimmage

6:40  St. B MS boys scrimmage

6:50  St. B MS girls scrimmage

7:00  Cheerleaders

7:05  Girls & Boys Hot Shot Contest

7:25  Girls & Boys Partner 3-pt Contest

7:40  Boys Dunk Contest

7:55  Coach Mathew- introduce girls HS team

8:05  Coach Britton- introduce boys HS team

8:15  Cheerleaders